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Job opportunity, position of General Secretary

Happy World YWCA Day!
Every year on April 24, YWCAs around the world, including YWCA Ireland, join together to celebrate being part of a global movement and to raise awareness of our goals and actions in the lives of women and girls. This year's theme is "I am a woman, I have the right. We are women, we have the power".
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Sarah Jewell

YWCA Ireland is delighted to welcome our new intern in its Head Office, Sarah Jewell. She is an advocate for gender equality and youth participation. Sarah has professional experience in the Australian civil service and the not-for-profit sector, and she is currently living in Ireland while she undertakes a Masters in International Peace Studies at Trinity College Dublin.

YWCA Ireland Survey
In our process of strategic planning, we want to identify needs and priorities for YWCA Ireland in the years to come. The objective of this short questionnaire is to discover how our members and friends see the role of the YWCA in contemporary society - what do you think YWCA Ireland should be doing locally and nationally? What is important for you? Click here to tell us what you think!

World YWCA Day 24th April 2013 - Round the World Breakfast

Since 1947, YWCAs have come together one day of the year to affirm their involvement in a global movement of women and girls working for justice, peace, health, human dignity, freedom and care for the environment.

Over time, that day has come to be known as World YWCA Day and is celebrated every year on April 24. The YWCA Round the World Breakfast has been a vital part of this day's events since 2003, serving to connect YWCAs around the world and raise awareness on our global impact on the lives of women and girls.

This year, the World YWCA invites us to continue the tradition and join the biggest, boldest breakfast in the world with the theme "I am a woman, I have the right. We are women, we have the power".

This theme encourages a focus on women's rights and the collective power of the YWCA movement to bring about change in the lives of women, young women and girls. The World YWCA Day is also an opportunity to celebrate women's leadership, which is at the core of the mission of YWCAs around the word. This year, the World YWCA will be honouring Elizabeth Palmer, a former General Secretary of the World YWCA, who will be celebrating her 100th Birthday.

To mark this special birthday, the World YWCA International Board is establishing the Elizabeth Palmer Fund in honour of her incredible leadership of the movement, which saw the World YWCA become one of the most respected women's organisations by the United Nations and become highly influential in setting global standards on the status of women.
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